Cargo Shipping

from China to Colombia / US

We move your cargo
from China

to US and Colombia at great rates.

Air Freight

from airport to airport.

Sea Freight

by ship to a port in US or Colombia.

Express Shipping

via DHL, Fedex, UPS.

Great shipping rates

We are your Freight Agent in China

How does it work?


Cargo Information

Ask your supplier for a packing list and commercial invoice.

Request a Quote

Request a quote for the shipment of your cargo. We will review the best shipping method (Express, Air, Sea) to minimize logistics costs.

Inform your Supplier

Advice your supplier that you have a shipping agent in GUANGZHOU who will be in charge of the logistics.

Send it to our warehouse in Guangzhou

Ask your supplier (s) to send the cargo to our warehouse in Guangzhou.

Cargo Consolidation

If you have orders from different suppliers, we consolidate them without cost, to make a single shipment and minimize fees.

Pay for Shipping

We will indicate shipping cost and payment options, once payment has been made we will proceed with the export process.

We Ship your Cargo

We ship your cargo via air, sea or express, according to our quote.

Import / Clearance Process

After having sipped your cargo, you will need to hire a customs broker to perform the import process for you. We can recommend one.

Solicitar Cotización

To request a specific quote, you must have the following information ready:

  • Packing list / Commercial invoice
  • Weight of the cargo
  • Packing measurement and volumen
  • Quantity
  • Description of the cargo
  • Declared value
  • HS Code

¿Need a Mailbox from China?


We can consolidate your packages and ship them to you.