U.S and China's Virtual Mailbox

An international shipping solution for
Personal and Business

We facilitate international shipping and Global E-Commerce by handling all the logistics delivering to you in Colombia

Shop and Save

You can buy in thousands of stores in the U.S and China and save money.

Delivered to your Home / Office

Receive your packages in the comfort of your home / office.

Address In Miami

where we will receive all your packages to be sent to you.

Save with our Low Rates


The “Virtual Mailbox” is a service created especially to connect stores from abroad with local people and companies, in which we act as intermediaries in the international shipping required to deliver the packages to your home / office in Colombia.


Virtual Mailbox

Have an address in the U.S

It will always be good to have a physical address in the U.S to receive packages.

Better prices than local shopping

You can buy products at lower prices, by buying directly in U.S and China and shipping with us.

Take advantage of holidays

Great discounts and deals available on special dates and holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Customs benefits

You will not have to pay the high import costs of the products you buy as there are 0% tax (IVA) benefits.


Virtual Mialbox

  • Companies, Factories and Offices

  • Customer who Shop Abroad

  • Online Stores and Social Networks Stores

  • Boutiques and Physical Stores

  • Merchants and Small Businesses

Own a store, or sell Online?


We have special rates to make your business more competitive.