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The virtual locker services that are sold through the portal www.logybox.com/, by the company TRASO LOGISTIC S.A.S. identified with NIT: 900818727-2, for commercial purposes are promoted with the brand called LOGYBOX.

At LOGYBOX we take care of bringing international purchases to Colombia. We provide a service created especially to connect foreign stores with people and companies in Colombia, in which we act as intermediaries in the international logistics required to get the packages to your home / office.



LOGYBOX has the following logistics delivery times: From Miami to the destination in the main cities of Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín and its Metropolitan area, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Pereira, Manizales, Santa Marta, Villavicencio, Valledupar, Montería, Buenaventura, Pasto) of approximately 3 to 6 days.

From China to the main cities of Colombia from 8 to 50 days.

LOGYBOX undertakes to carry out the operational, logistical and administrative activities in the shortest possible time for the benefit of the parties, however, the stipulated times are approximate since there are variables such as the final city, the shipping method, customs process and of third-party logistics operators responsible for different final operations that could affect them.

LOGYBOX will not be responsible for delays caused by force majeure or problems beyond its control, such as delays or rescheduling of airlines and shipping companies, delays in customs processes, bad weather, road damage, among others.



Declare your packages with the correct value to avoid readjustments, sanctions or modality changes by the DIAN.

Properly describe the products in the guide and in any other export documents.

Identify the shipping address (including the postal code).

It is the client’s responsibility if there is a change of modality and/or readjustment of their merchandise, seizure of the same, sanction, after being declared and delivered to our allied logistics operators and/or our own work team.

Declare the legal origin of the products and that they are not prohibited.

Respond for sanctions, customs duties, legal costs, attorney’s fees if generated, that are related to the shipment.



LOGYBOX is not responsible for guides that are billed for less than the actual value of the product and that are not insured. The air waybill is the legal document from which any negotiation starts and the value declared in it by the client, is the one that will govern it. Invoices for greater value will not be accepted once the air waybill is sent or manifested.

In case of value readjustment by the Colombian Customs Authorities (DIAN), the recipient will assume the payment of this value. Therefore, when a value dispute arises, the client must submit a formal letter requesting a second review (appeal) of the value of the product and attach the commercial invoice. This process has a response time from the DIAN of 20 business days. At LOGYBOX we advise the client to request the appeal without any surcharge.



The physical weight of a shipment is its total weight, including packaging; while the volumetric or dimensional weight is a calculation that reflects its volume.

To get the volumetric weight of a package, multiply the length x width x height (in cm) and divide by 5,000. This gives us the volumetric weight in kg and the one that is greater between the real and the result of this formula is charged.

LOGYBOX does not charge by volumetric weight for shipments from the USA.

For shipments from China or Colombia, the greater of the actual and volumetric weight is charged.



The oversized load is one that exceeds the limits in terms of measurements and weight allowed by Colombian law; therefore, its transport has an additional surcharge and the client will be informed prior to its dispatch. The maximum weight allowed per box is 55 kg. Some examples of these are: mattresses, surfboards, furniture, among others.



LOGYBOX quotes according to the information provided by the client and said quote may vary at the time the shipment is generated due to changes in weight, measurements, content or declared value, airline costs or other commercial factors that affect the provision of the service. The quotes are for information only and do not represent the final value to be paid. For shipments from China, where rates are constantly changing, we do not guarantee the quoted price.



  • Shipping rates from China

The subscription to the locker is free and does not expire in time.

For shipments from China, the customer understands that the highest value is charged, between actual and volumetric weight. Shipping rates from China are constantly changing, therefore the customer must cut back at the time of shipping.

The insurance is 35 USD and covers up to 500 USD of loss, it is not included in the shipments and it is optional to purchase it.

The shipment of batteries, liquid items, powders, have additional surcharges.


  • Shipping rates from USA

The subscription to the locker is free and does not expire in time.

All the rates for shipping merchandise from the United States to Colombia and other charges related to the provision of the services offered here will be published on our website LOGYBOX.com and may be modified without prior notice at any time by LOGYBOX, to adapt them to market conditions.



LOGYBOX reserves the right to set prices according to market conditions, starting from the TRM of the American Dollar assigned by the DIAN at the time of listing plus forty COP pesos ($40).



It is important that each client, at the time of receiving their shipment, take into account Verify if the security seal or the box are in good condition or, on the contrary, show signs of tampering, or if the merchandise is missing, before signing the carrier’s delivery guide, since if this occurs it will be necessary to follow the following indications: (a) In case of shortage, you must not sign or receive the shipment or, in a certain case, receive it but not sign in agreement, leaving a record of the status in the referral of the delivering driver. (b) Report the news to the LOGYBOX team through our website in “TOOLS” and then “Open a claim”; with this, we will follow up on the news with the transporter. (c) If you find any anomaly, broken box, looted, or in poor condition, you must immediately inform the person making the shipment and contact LOGYBOX immediately sending evidence of the novelty.


IMPORTANT. Any novelty must be made within a period of less than 48 hours after delivery so that it is covered by the insurer and the relevant review process can be started; Any type of subsequent claim is outside the coverage of the insurer and therefore no claim will proceed since these are policies of the national carriers.

If the client does not follow these indications and signs without making the notation of disagreement, it will be understood that he is satisfied with the delivery and there are no abnormalities on the part of the carrier, nor on the part of LOGYBOX.

The response time, claims for loss and/or damage will be attended to under normal conditions, within a term of 15 business days, which counts from the date of creation of the PQR ticket. Whatsapp or verbal claims do not proceed with the insurer.



Minimum insurance is required. 100% insurance is optional. The first $5 USD insures $100 USD of loss on your products. If you want to insure 100% of your products, you must pay 5% of the declared value. For insurance, the following TERMS apply:

  • To ensure 100% of your cargo you must request it before creating the shipping guide and sending the invoice for the item.
  • Only the declared value is compensated according to the shipping guide. If the declared value is greater than US$100 and you only pay the minimum insurance, in case of compensation, you will only be compensated for the US$100 insured.
  • Compensation only in case of total loss. A total loss is understood as that guide that for any reason did not reach its final destination.
  • The insurance does NOT cover partial losses.
  • The insurance does NOT cover readjustments by the DIAN, seizures, modality changes.
  • The insurance does NOT cover damage or deterioration of the items.
  • The client understands and accepts that the coverage will not exceed the declared value.
  • The client acknowledges that the maximum limit value of an item to be declared under the modality of postal traffic and urgent shipments is USD $2,000. At no time will it be allowed to insure a product for a value greater than the commercial value of the purchase invoice or market value.

LOGYBOX reserves the right not to insure merchandise such as: tableware, paintings, works of art, porcelain, ceramics, tvs, glass, mirrors, makeup or any other item of extraordinary value or delicate material that could easily suffer damage during transport.

On shipments from China, insurance is optional and has a cost of $35 USD that covers up to $500 USD of total loss, not partial. By default, shipments from China travel with a minimum total loss insurance that covers up to $100 USD of the declared value. If you want to insure 100% of the cargo, the declared value must match the insured value. If you did not purchase insurance, in case of loss no more than the minimum value will be compensated. To take the insurance, you must inform your adviser at the time of processing your packages.

LOGYBOX is not responsible for breakage and deterioration of the products that we receive in our warehouse or that the client has packed himself. LOGYBOX will only be responsible for loss and/or theft, as long as the total insurance of the merchandise has been paid. Otherwise this insurance will not be effective.



LOGYBOX is not responsible for partial loss of merchandise. To proceed with a claim, the guide must be delivered with a packing list previously received by a LOGYBOX official and accompanied by the original invoices, in the same way it will be delivered to national carriers.



LOGYBOX will not be responsible for damages or total losses in the merchandise that is in the warehouse of Miami, China or Colombia due to unforeseen circumstances not attributable to the company, which are force majeure and fortuitous events including pandemics, natural disasters, etc.



Our security sticker guarantees efficient delivery and in optimal conditions of your parcel. If your box does not have the security sticker, or if it is cut, torn, or tampered with, please notify us when you receive your package.



The In and Out is a surcharge generated by the client when a package is entered into the warehouse and is withdrawn by him, without being dispatched by our company. It is a surcharge generated by the management of receiving the package, entering it into the system, placing it in the warehouse, removing it from the system, and delivering it. The cost of this surcharge per guide is $15 USD (applies to USA or CHINA wineries).



The reception of packages takes place from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (Eastern time). If the package is delivered by the carrier at times other than those indicated, and the package is still not reflected in your system, you should check with the carrier or provider to request clarification.

If your package was sent by the United States Postal Service (USPS) carrier and it marks your package as delivered and you still do not see it reflected in the system, you must wait 2-3 business days for them to be received in our warehouse and then enter them into the system; the foregoing, because the carrier subcontracts local distribution and in most cases, deliveries are made 2-3 days after marking it as delivered.

We are not responsible for the condition of how packages arrive at the locker. It is the customer’s responsibility to pack the packages correctly, and the carrier to handle the load correctly. We are not responsible for missing or damaged items.



All shipment pays the following tax charges which vary according to their tariff classification and can be paid both at ORIGIN and at final DESTINATION for the convenience of the client:

VAT (Value Added Tax -IVA), TARIFF (import or export tax, CIF (Cost Insurance Freight translated into Freight Insurance Cost).



The delicate items category includes goods that can be easily damaged in transport or handling. Delicate products must be delivered by senders in their original packaging with due protection, for the reason that in case of damage, claims will not proceed if these instructions are not complied with.

In the event that the sender sends this type of fragile products accompanied by clothing, beauty accessories, toys or other types of items that do not correspond to this category of products, LOGYBOX has the autonomy to repackage them in another box to its due national dispatch, in which the sender or recipient must incur the payment of an additional 20 USD.

The foregoing, because these are not received for national transport due to carrier security policies. Keep in mind that if this payment is not made the box containing the other items will not be dispatched to the end customer.

LOGYBOX reserves the right not to insure shipments with delicate items and the customer voluntarily waives any claim for damage to this type of merchandise.

The following are considered fragile or delicate products: Televisions, tablets, monitors, computers, household appliances in general, makeup, glass or porcelain items, ceramics, tableware and anything that is fragile to be handled.



When merchandise is received for the customer at an address in the USA (ours or a third party) from China, the customer is always responsible for the type of merchandise sent. We are not responsible for:

  • Payment of applicable taxes.
  • Seizures by customs for dealing with shipments with replica items (which are not originals of registered trademarks), restricted or prohibited.
  • Shipping sexual products is also in the prohibited category.
  • Customer understands and accepts the risks of shipping replica items, sex items, or items whose declared value exceeds $700 USD.



LOGYBOX works as intermediaries to make shipments from Colombia abroad with the carriers DHL and FedEx and we abide by their terms and conditions. LOGYBOX is not responsible for delays, delays, loss of packages, breakdowns, modality changes, seizures, or any incident that may occur in international transportation carried out by the contracted carrier. LOGYBOX is a mere facilitator of the service.



We use local carriers to deliver your packages in Colombia. We are not responsible for logistics delays caused by wrong address, bad weather, closed roads, or any other factor that may delay delivery by carriers contracted for national distribution.



If the client wishes to generate a change in the destination address, he must do so prior to creating a shipping guide, since a change of address in the guide generates an additional transportation cost, listed below.


It is important to fill in the correct information at the time of registration. **The change of address in the same city, generates a cost of $10 USD minimum for guides of 50 kg.

**The change of city, generates a cost of $15 USD minimum, for guides of 50 kg.

Shipments with a higher weight or dispatches in re-dispatch will be quoted in a timely manner.

LOGYBOX reserves the right not to transport any package that is not correctly labeled and that does not establish contact details of the sender and recipient.



Read and know the customs regulations applicable to Colombia under the Postal Traffic modality.



It is important that the client is aware of the prohibited and restricted merchandise and what he must do to ensure the safety of our employees, agents or means of transport or that, in our opinion, stain, paint or damage other merchandise or equipment; therefore, we define them below:

  • RESTRICTED: Used machinery, used clothing, food, seeds, plant products, cosmetics except a few units, weapons, clothing for military use, jewelry, medical equipment for human use, textiles except samples, fur or leather goods, liquor, non-prescription drugs , perishable products, perimeter security elements, perfumes, articles with liquid content, mobile smart phones or cell phones, perfumes, aerosols, inks, shock absorbers, nail polishes, among others.


  • PROHIBITED: Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, fats and coloring powder, prohibited objects in the country of destination, fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides, corrosives, or poisons, food for birds and animals, weapons in general, bullets, ammunition and their accessories , counterfeit or pirated items, alcoholic beverages, coffee, grains, seeds, natural and canned foods, cash and checks, bank notes, securities, pornography, obscene objects, products from restricted countries, war games, blood, products hallucinogens, paper money, platinum, gold, silver, precious stones, radioactive material, explosive items, lubricating oils, live, dead or stuffed animals, personal defense items, medical equipment and items, old bills, cigarettes and tobacco, leather and skin of reptile, car engines, flammable products, lithium batteries, corpses.



All merchandise sent to be claimed in our logistics center in Bogotá, may be withdrawn by the recipient that appears in the international guide by presenting an identity document. If this is not possible, the recipient must authorize in writing, the person who authorizes to remove the package, indicating full names, identity document, contact information such as WhatsApp and email and listing the number of the guide that will be removed.

The client must inform of the intention to pick up the package in the Bogotá warehouse 3 hours in advance during business hours and may proceed with the removal once the authorization is confirmed.



By disposition of the Colombian customs:

  • Only one (1) smart mobile phone or cellular mobile phone is allowed to be imported per shipment.
  • The recipient can be a natural or legal person.
  • From origin in the messaging guide, the IMEI number of the smart mobile phone or cellular mobile phone, which contains the shipment and the special tariff subheading for cell phones corresponding to 8517.12.00.00 must be listed.
  • When the provisions are not met, the equipment will not be able to enter under the modality of postal traffic and urgent shipments and will be subject to a change of modality.

The foregoing, based on Decree 2142 of 2016 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Cell phone shipping rates may vary without prior notice and may be consulted through any of our means.



LOGYBOX reserves the right of admission of its clients and has autonomy for the cancellation of accounts that are abandoned, inactive, that present a history of fraud, that are used for illegal activities, that the client uses to insult or mistreat employees or the company , that contain false information, that are opened with a different objective than the contracted logistics services or that belong to delinquent clients.



At LOGYBOX we have time limits for the permanence of Merchandise without generating surcharges for storage or being abandoned. According to the winery, these are the terms:

Warehouse in USA

  • Maximum free storage time: 3 months.
  • The package will be abandoned after 3 months without the option to recover it or claim compensation.

Warehouse in CHINA

  • Maximum free storage time: 1 month.
  • After 1 month, a daily storage surcharge per package of $5 USD will be incurred, until completing 1 additional month of storage.
  • After 1 month of free storage and 1 month of charged storage, your package will be abandoned with no option to recover it or claim compensation.

Warehouse in Bogota

  • Our warehouse in Bogotá is only for transit and not for storage, therefore, it is necessary that you make your payment and respective dispatch as soon as possible.
  • Maximum free storage time: 8 days.
  • After 8 days, a daily surcharge per package of $5,000 COP pesos will be incurred, until it has been stored for 1 month.
  • After 1 month of collected storage, your package will be abandoned with no option to recover it or claim compensation.

When your package is marked abandoned, it becomes available to us to be donated, destroyed, or liquidated. In the event that your package was abandoned and is still in our hands, you must pay the accumulated storage charge for it to be released, without exception.



Change of modality: A change of modality is when the shipment is changed for an ordinary importation for not complying with the regulations. By regulations of the Colombian Customs (DIAN) imported products must meet the following requirements to be accepted under the modality of postal traffic / Express Shipping.

  • Be for personal use and not for commercial use.
  • Maximum weight of 50 kl (110) pounds per shipment.
  • Declared value cannot exceed USD 2,000.
  • Maximum 6 units of the same gender or preference per shipment.

If the imported products do not meet these requirements, your shipment will change modality to ordinary importation and will be subject to costs and penalties that may apply.


ICA or INVIMA seizure: The seizure is a precautionary measure consisting of the retention of goods, means of transport or cargo units, while the customs authority verifies their legal introduction, permanence and circulation within the National Customs Territory.

In the nationalization process, immobilizations and partial or total confiscations may be presented by the different regulatory entities of Colombia. These processes are unrelated to LOGYBOX and it will be the recipient of the guide who must carry out the corresponding procedures for the release of their merchandise as provided by the authority.

Readjustments: A readjustment is when the declared value of the cargo is not accepted by the DIAN and the DIAN proposes a new one, generating the payment of taxes and duties. The DIAN has the authority and power to physically review any package that enters Colombian territory and if it considers that the merchandise has a higher value than that declared by the client and/or agency, it may make a discretionary tax readjustment.

For the release of the package, the client will have the option of making the payment proposed by the DIAN and/or may exercise the right to defense if he considers that the readjustment is unfair. To do so, you must provide LOGYBOX with the purchase invoice of the product where the correct value is evidenced, the receipt of the payment made, ID or passport, link(s) of the purchase portal, so that the DIAN can confirm the values.

The user has up to 5 days from the date the reset was made to make the appeal. The process and response time by the DIAN can take from 1 to 2 months and the box must be returned to the DIAN for its respective analysis and appeal.



For the provision of the Service, we use digital payment platforms such as PayPal and Zelle and we have enabled bank transfers through Bancolombia and Nequi. These entities are in charge of processing the charges to the debit or credit cards registered by the client and debiting the funds from their bank accounts as appropriate. Therefore, we are subject to the terms and conditions of each of these. Any error, withholding of any sum of money, rejection, reversal in transactions or any claim in general that may be filed with respect to payments, the client must direct them directly to these entities.

LOGYBOX does not handle bank information; therefore, it will never apply any charge to your cards, since we do not have access or authorization to do so.

All our services are prepaid; therefore, in the event that an additional charge is generated for the values ​​associated with the handling and transportation of your products, such as: storage, special handling, repackaging, weight verification, sanctions, and any other charge generated by concept of the shipment of your merchandise that have been mentioned in our terms and conditions, the client will be informed so that he can make the corresponding payments, prior to the release of the guide. The guide and delivery of the merchandise will be retained until the payment of these is verified.






In accordance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and in accordance with the authorizations issued by the owners of the information, LOGYBOX will carry out operations or a set of operations that include data collection, storage, use, circulation and/or deletion. This Data Processing will be carried out exclusively for the purposes authorized and provided for in this Policy and in the specific authorizations granted by the owner. In the same way, Personal Data Processing will be carried out when there is a legal obligation to do so, always under the guidelines of the Information Security policies contemplated in the “INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICIES – ISMS” SC05-I01 .


Due to the legal nature of LOGYBOX, in all cases personal data may be processed in accordance with the interest group and in proportion to the purpose or purposes of each treatment, as described below:

  • For all purposes related to the provision of the services agreed herein.
  • Publicize the services offered by LOGYBOX.
  • Evaluate the quality of the services offered by LOGYBOX.
  • Carry out internal analysis of market behavior and management of its services.
  • Report changes in the contract conditions.
  • Offer discounts and promotional rates.
  • Report on the holding of contests and raffles among users and to process the charges for the services provided.

As the owner of information, you have the right to know, update and rectify your personal data and, only in the cases in which it is appropriate, to delete them or revoke the authorization granted for their treatment.

If you require more information to know our personal data processing policy and the substantial changes that occur in it, consult www.logybox.com/.

If you wish to submit a query, claim or request for information related to the protection of personal data, you can enter the website www.logybox.com/. In the Open a Claim option, leave us your information and one of our service agents will contact you to resolve your requirement.



  • The owner, by providing his data voluntarily, gives his express, prior, free and voluntary consent, for his data to be processed, collected, stored, used and accepts each of the purposes set forth. Likewise, they are aware of the optional nature of the authorization of sensitive data and authorize their treatment.
  • At the time of registration, the client authorizes LOGYBOX to provide him with commercial and advertising information about our company and the companies in our business group.
  • The client undertakes to provide truthful information that allows full identification and contact. People who use data that is not their own will be responsible for the consequences that this generates and for the sanctions that the law establishes for this type of crime.



An incident is understood as any anomaly that affects or could affect the security of the databases or information contained therein.

In case of knowing any incident that has occurred, the user must notify the Data Protection Officer who will adopt the appropriate measures against the reported incident.

The Personal Data Protection Officer will report the incident to the Personal Data Protection Delegation of THE SUPERINTENDENCY OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, in the module enabled for this purpose within 15 days from the knowledge of it.

Incidents can affect both digital and physical databases and will generate the following activities:

  1. Incident Notification
  2. Incident Management
  3. ID
  4. Report
  5. Containment, Investigation and Diagnosis
  6. Solution
  7. Incident Closure and Follow-up
  8. Incident reporting to the SIC as control authority



TRASO LOGISTI S.A.S. and/or those in charge, guarantee to the data holders

information contained in their databases or to their successors in title or authorized persons, the right to consult all the information contained in their individual record or all that is linked to their identification as established in this Personal Data Processing Policy.



Requests received through the above means will be addressed within a maximum term of FIFTEEN (15) business days from the date of receipt.

In case of impossibility to respond to the query within said term, the interested party will be informed before the expiration of the FIFTEEN (15) days, stating the reasons for the delay and indicating the date on which the query will be addressed, which in no case may exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first term.



The Databases of TRASO LOGISTIC S.A.S. They will have the period of validity that corresponds to the purpose for which their treatment was authorized and the special rules that regulate the matter, as well as those rules that establish the exercise of the legal functions assigned to the Company.

of our




The following conditions of use apply to the LOGYBOX website hosted under the domain www.logybox.com/. The use of this website implies full knowledge and acceptance of these conditions of use. If you do not agree with them, please do not use this website.

LOGYBOX reserves the right to make changes to the products or services offered on its website or to the prices of such products or services, at any time, without prior notice.

You may not use any device, software or routine that interferes or tries to interfere with the proper functioning of this web page or any other transaction carried out by this site.



  • LOGYBOX reserves the right to interrupt the service of its website for as long as necessary for data updating and technical and security maintenance.
  • LOGYBOX reserves the right to modify, update and/or delete the content of its website with or without prior notice to its users.
  • LOGYBOX does not guarantee that the information on the web page is free of errors and/or that it may cause technological problems such as: viruses, server interruptions, deletion or corruption of files or any other damage caused by malfunction. It is the client’s responsibility to install an antivirus and take any other security precautions necessary to protect their electronic equipment.
  • THE USER undertakes to follow the instructions found within each of the LOGYBOX WEB pages.
  • When THE USER presses the “Accept” or “Send” button and sends the information to LOGYBOX through the forms offered on the WEB page, he accepts that he is using a reliable and appropriate method for the purpose of communicating with LOGYBOX.
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The terms and conditions begin to apply from the acceptance of the conditions by the client at the time of registration and will have an unlimited duration as long as one of the parties does not express otherwise.



We reserve the right to suspend the user’s service if the company has reason to do so. Use of the locker is a benefit.



The intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and icons visible on the LOGYBOX website are the exclusive property of TRASO LOGISTIC S.A.S. identified with NIT: 900818727-2 or represented brands or manufacturers. All content and its format are protected by current national and international laws.

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The user can use the information, products and services (catalogues, manuals, articles, presentations, multimedia files, installer tools, calculators, etc.) available on the LOGYBOX website provided that (1) they do not delete or modify the declaration of ownership or rights in the documents (2) use the documents appropriately and responsibly for your personal or professional use (3) do not modify the documents and (4) do not add additional representations or warranties on such documents.



This web page may contain links to documents or web pages of third parties. These links are provided for informational purposes only to benefit users but are not under the control of LOGYBOX, therefore, the company is not responsible for the content or information of such links.



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LOGYBOX is not responsible for any damage or loss derived from improper or unauthorized use of user passwords and reserves the right to cancel the passwords of users who do not comply with these conditions of use.



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Access to the customer area requires the opening of a user account and the activation of a username and password.

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LOGYBOX is not responsible for the possible consequences, damages or losses that may arise from accessing its website or from the use of the information contained, including omissions, computer viruses, line overloads or service interruptions due to causes beyond LOGYBOX’s control or by maintenance works.



Although the duration of this website is indeterminate, LOGYBOX reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of some or all of its services, without this decision having to be communicated in advance to its users.

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If you have any questions about the conditions of use of the LOGYBOX website, do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you also consult our privacy policies.