Important Information

About Shipping Insurance

¡Your Packages are Shipped

for your security and our piece of mind, your packages are covered with our minimum insurance.

$5 per shipment

Minimum insurance required insures up to U$100.

Lost Package Insurance

covers up to U$100 total loss.

Option to Insure 100%

fee of 5% of declared value to insure 100% shipment.

Terms & Conditions of Shipping Insurance

It is only covers total loss. The insurance does not cover partial losses, readjustments from DIAN, damage or deterioration of the items.
Only the declared value reported is compensated according to the shipping guide. If the declared value is greater than US $ 100 and you only paid the minimum insurance, in case of compensation, you will only be compensated for the insured amount of US $ 100.
To ensure 100% of your cargo you must request it before creating the shipping guide.
The customer must verify the condition of the box at the time of receipt. If the box shows signs of mishandling or damaged, you must inform the carrier immediately and Mi Punto de Compra in less than 48 hours.
If the client signs the delivery document without making a notation of disagreement it means that he is satisfied with the delivery and this does not present abnormality. In case of identifying deterioration or manipulation in the box, do not sign the delivery document.


Always verify that the security label is not broken or has tape on it.
Make sure the box delivered to you is not broken or has signs of tampering.
Notify the carrier of any anomaly or broken label presented by the box.
Check the contents of the box before signing the delivery document.
Document everything and immediately notify Mi Punto de Compra.
Declare shipments correctly and insure 100% of the cargo.

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