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We are your Purchasing Agent

Let us be your
Purchase Agent

We search and buy for you in the U.S and CHINA at the best price.

We Look for the Best Price

We pay for it

We Ship At Low Cost



Identify the Product

It is important to know what you want in order to receive a quote.

Request the Service

Click on REQUEST SERVICE to fill out the form with the information required to request the quote.

You Receive a Quote

Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive a quote for the requested product including the cost of the shipping.

You approve the Quote

If you agree with the value offered and the service, send us a quotation approval.

Initial payment

You must make the initial payment of 50% of the total order, so we can make the purchase for you.

Product in Warehouse

After making the purchase and having the product in our warehouse, we will notify you so that you can proceed with the payment of the remaining balance.

Final payment

You make the final payment of the balance so we can authorize the final shipment to your address.

You receive the Product

You receive the product at the door of your home / office and didn’t have to worry about making the purchase.


Want us to make the purchase or search for the product.
Want to outsource the purchase management of their company to achieve better prices.
Have no knowledge of how to look abroad.
Do not master the language to make the purchase.
Do not wish to disclose personal financial information.
Do not have credit cards.


Purchase Service

$ 10 USD or 10% on the value of the purchase (whichever is greater).

When you only require that we buy the product for you. You must provide us with the link to the store.

Search and Purchase Service

$ 25 USD or 12% on the value of the purchase (whichever is greater)

When you require that we look for a product and make the purchase for you.

Search and negotiation with supplier

$ 150 USD or 10% (whichever is greater)

A service for companies that require us to act as a purchasing agent, carrying out full negotiation, negotiation of prices, terms of payment and delivery.

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